YOU 'VE FOUND Free Production FX!!!

Tight imaging budget? Cut downs at your station? Or just an allround free loader?We don't care why you want them! We don't even care where you stick them. Free Production FX you get at! The first 5 are already sticking on our brand new web site and every month new freebies will be added.

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Free Production FX If you think the Free FX are nice but you need something bigger and even more ‘in your face’, a complete library with all the tools you need to brand your station; then check out Sticky FX CHR Volume 1. Containing 300+ imaging elements ranging from short Sweeps, high pitched Bleeps, cut through Splitters and incredible Impacts to 30 seconds and up Beat Fillers, Beat Drones, Drones and Atmosphers in different moods and tempo’s. Be sure to check out the demo and get it on your station for only $350 U.S.D. (buy out)!